Airborne Internet Abstract and Report

Airborne Internet Abstract and Report

Airborne Internet Abstract and Report
Airborne Internet Abstract and Report

Airborne Internet Abstract and Report

Introduction to Airborne Internet Topic:

Internet world has always been under spotlight just because of the unending source of knowledge and news it provides to us. We are now mostly dependent on internet even for silly queries and information. Our main source of internet communication is through transponders installed inside a satellite.

Satellite internet has its own pros and cons, while it is effective most in rural areas, satellite internet often feels break up due to loss in signals due to many factors such as weather, plantations and geographical conditions. A two way satellite internet comprises of a dish which is 2-3 foot in size, uplink and downlink modems and a coaxial cable to connect dish and modem.

In order to overcome the cons of the existing system a new technology called High altitude long operation was suggested first by Angel technologies. It is basically providing high speed wireless broadband internet through the help of an aircraft hovering around various cities. This will ensure almost no delay to the consumer and the speed of the internet connection would be on the higher side.

A wireless network platform forms the basic structure of a HALO technology and the aircraft embedded with this technology will act as a wireless hub for all the subscribers. This aircraft will be built in a fixed frame with a twin turbofan propulsion system with star topology. Subscribers who subscribe to this technology will be scheduled to receive signals from the aircraft through the HALO gateway and ISP router. PSTN will ensure the network switching happens among networks so that we can run an office network through it.

Main important features of HALO network are

  • Highly restrictive and broad bandwidth
  • Significant communication latency
  • High computational power
  • No loss of signals
  • Can perform anywhere in any type of weather
  • Less costs