Ads Online .Net Project Synopsis

Ads Online .Net Project Synopsis

Ads Online .Net Project Synopsis
Ads Online .Net Project Synopsis


Ads Online is a B-to-B application where the basic functionality of the project is a .NET Portal where the user can advertise the Business Requirements in Internet, any type of classifieds they can advertise through this portal

Some of the functionalities are shown below:

  1. Announcements
  2. Business Opportunities
  3. Information Technology
  4. Employments
  5. Pets and Animals
  6. Services
  7. Auto & Motorcycles

Ads Online is a basic, yet fully functional Ads Online system that you may use as a framework to create an expanded system or use ‘as is’.

The main aim of the Ads Online .Net project specified at customer’s point of view is to advertise the details of their products or company’s details through banners or advertisements.

First the customers as to get registered on the site or portal avail before he needs to make a classifieds.

The Ads Online .Net project is broken down into several steps that will allow completing it rapidly and giving an opportunity to expand on the design once it is completed.

Some of the technical features available in this portal are:

  • User Registration
  • Multi-Level Categories
  • Verify Sign Pay flow Link integration
  • “My Classifieds” section
  • Shopping Cart
  • Administration of Members
  • Administration of Categories

Technologies Used:


Operating System : Windows

Platform : Visual Studio .Net

Database : SQL Server

Languages  : C#.Net